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Central Pump data visualization

and storage system


Central Pump Monitoring System

DAMU is the acronym for Data Acquisition and Management Utility.

This is a pump central data viewing software what is installed onto a min. 19” touchscreen AIO PC that can work without keyboard and mouse and is capable to acquire and display data from the operating Alaris pumps placed on Alaris Gateway Workstations (AGW) at patient beds. The system language as well as alarms/warnings can be localized.

The system operation requires an installed UTP Ethernet network between the patient bed and nurse station. Both the central pump monitor and the AGWs must be provided with free network connections each. For the stable and continuous operation of DAMU, the user is recommended to ensure an uninterrupted power supply as well.

The software retrieves the data stored in the bedside pump docking stations in predefined periods and displays them without data modification, in a user friendly format.

Installed on the nurse station, the device provides continuous information on the status of bedside pumps for the staff with some delay. The entire software language is English or the local language. The alarms/warnings received from the pumps are also displayed in this language.

If required, it is possible to store bedside data in the patient-level. The system displays the pumps finishing in 30 minutes in a separate list including the remaining infusion times as acquired from the docking stations, which means great help for the nurses in planning and optimizing their session. Each nurse can foresee where and when to go in order to stop or start medication.

In case a bedside pump generates alarm, that will also be displayed with delay on the central monitor providing user information about the place and reason of the alarm.

The program is capable to store basic patient data e.g. name, date of birth, patient IDs, allergy information. The information can be accessed anytime by the authorized users. This software provides great help in relieving the small staffs of overloaded nurses as well as in optimization of work sessions, and improves safety of patients.

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